Criminal Law

Convictions under the criminal law of New Jersey can result in significant fines, penalties, jail time, community service, and other forms of punishment. Complaints asserting criminal violations can be brought by the State of New Jersey, by the United States Government or by private citizens or corporations. State of New Jersey crimes include, but are not limited to murder, rape, robbery, theft, assault and battery, controlled and dangerous substances, sex crimes, sale, use and distribution of drugs, domestic violence and other serious offenses.

The Law Firm of Jay A. Weinberg understands the severity of the charges against you or your friends or loved ones, and we will vigorously protect your rights in defense of such charges, preserving the fundamental precept of criminal law that the accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Our representation often begins with bail reduction hearings, which requires a significant review of facts and circumstances regarding the incident itself and personal characteristics of the accused. It is important to take a detailed history of not only the circumstances surrounding the arrest, but the defendant’s status in the community, connection to the community, family and other factors. Jay Weinberg will prepare an extensive bail reduction motion in our effort to convince the court to reduce bail, pending trial of the crimes that are alleged to have occurred.

Mr. Weinberg will help you understand the scope of the charges filed against you and your defenses. Criminal cases are often resolved by way of plea bargain as the Courts and prosecutors do not want to burden the system with trials of every matter. Often times a plea bargain is a fair resolution of the complaint. Convincing a prosecutor that a plea bargain to a lesser offense is fair is both an art and science in the practice of criminal law. There are many situations where Clients do not want to plea, or feel a fair plea has not been offered. The Law Office of Jay Weinberg will prepare your case and proceed to trial as you request.

Mr. Weinberg understands that there are social stigmas attached to the accusation of criminal wrongdoing. There can be few things in life that are more stressful than facing trial and possible incarceration. By providing you knowledge regarding where you stand in the criminal process, Mr. Weinberg will help alleviate your fears and stress while we review all of the State’s discovery and carefully ascertain your defenses to the State’s charges.

If you determine that there is an investigation regarding your alleged involvement in criminal activity, please contact the Law Office of Jay A. Weinberg immediately. You are under no obligation to speak to the police or provide statements to them. The law specifically advises that you are entitled to an attorney and that you have the right to remain silent. You should exercise those rights as necessary.

If you have a current criminal charge, please call us.