Creditors – Landlords, service providers, auctioneers and others.

The Law Office of Jay A. Weinberg represents creditors in Bankruptcy Proceedings throughout the State of New Jersey. There are many types of creditors with various needs, rights and concerns.

Creditors include those owed money from the Debtor, those owed services, or individuals and businesses requested by the Bankruptcy Trustee to return sums paid to them by the Debtor over the course of the past year.

Landlord Tenant law intersected with Bankruptcy law can be especially complex, even for very experienced Landlord Tenant attorneys! This is true in residential cases, but magnified in Corporate cases, where the Debtor is a business in either a Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 proceeding. The landlord often finds it’s not just the Debtor they need negotiate with, or prevail against in Court, but the United States Trustee assigned to the Debtor’s Case, often lawyers themselves and armed with lawyers they hire to represent them, often from their own Law Firms, who might choose to assert a seemingly infinite number of legal positions that tie up real property and cut into the landlord’s possessory rights and income.

There are numerous reasons why an individual or business can become a creditor in a bankruptcy proceeding. If you have been affected by the filing of a Bankruptcy Petition, please call us to discuss your options and our fees.