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With over 30 years of experience in a variety of areas of law, including Bankruptcy, Criminal, DWI, and Personal Injury, our law office will strive in every case to get the best possible result.

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Experience, knowledge, commitment, focus, preparation, and trust – this is what you seek and what you will get when you hire The Law Office of Jay Weinberg to represent you in your legal needs.

During the course of representation, facts will be elicited, questions asked, legal issues analyzed. Mr. Weinberg takes a no-nonsense, pragmatic approach to discovering critical issues, which includes discussing your expectations. Legal problems create confusion, stress, worry, and depression. We understand that, and we work with you the best we can to help you move forward with the best possible results.

Mr Weinberg has appeared in Federal, State and Municipal Courts in New Jersey over one thousand times, in many different types of cases including DWI, Criminal, Bankruptcy and Personal Injury. He served as a private prosecutor to corporations in eight Courts over a ten-year period. He has served as counsel for a variety of individuals and businesses and is New Jersey counsel to the Asian American Law Enforcement Officer’s Association and the Federal Air Marshals.

Experience, knowledge, commitment, focus, preparation, and trust – our guiding principles. The harder we work for you the easier the process of law is.

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