Other Areas of Law

The Law Office of Jay A. Weinberg handles personal injury, product liability, real estate, criminal, municipal court, bankruptcy and driving while intoxicated offenses, along with the general practice of law, including:

Small Business and Corporate Law

The Law Office assists entities in formation of corporations, partnership, legal documentation and agreements associated with such entities. We help individuals create small businesses and get them up and running, and dealing with legal issues, from preparing the required documents to assisting in the purchase or sale of real property, leases, assets, inventory and intangibles.

Name Change

New Jersey allows residents to legally change their names for a variety of reasons. New laws have made it very difficult for people to obtain legal documentation, such as driver’s licenses, due to lifelong use of nicknames or, we often find, our international clients have used given names and “american” names interchangeably. Family issues often present the need to change a minor’s name.

New Jersey name change law requires strict compliance with notice to a variety of State agencies and Courts, monitoring of timelines and proper listing of the application in local newspapers, at the right time. If timelines are missed, or non-compliance is determined to have occurred at certain points in the process, the application can fail. Time is wasted, money lost and the process can be frustrating.

Our Law Office will get the job done correctly. We enter into a fee agreement with you, request you to answer our questionnaire and we begin the legal process for you. If a Court Appearance is required we will be there with you, prepared. For more information on our name change legal service, please call our office today.

Expungement Law

Expungement provides you the opportunity to clear arrests and convictions off your record. It is relief you should obtain once you’re eligible. However, the statute has many exceptions or limitations to relief. It’s not beyond comprehension for individuals to represent themselves, but there are many procedural requirements that must be adhered to or the application will be deemed defective. Our Law Office has successfully prepared numerous applications for expungements. Call us for a consultation.

Matrimonial / Family Law

Our Law Office handles uncontested divorce cases. We draft and file complaints in divorce and represent our clients diligently from filing of the complaint through the final order of divorce. Please call us to discuss your case and our reasonable rates.

We handle domestic violence complaints, and temporary and permanant restraining Orders.