Bankruptcy Law

Jay A. Weinberg represents individuals and married couples in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 proceedings under the United States Bankruptcy Code. He also represents Corporations, LLC’s, Partnerships and creditors in all proceedings.

Mr. Weinberg works with each client on an individualized basis. Loss of employment, absence of health insurance, divorce, business ventures, personal injury, high interest rates on credit or the cost of trying to make ends meet month after month can result in staggering debt. Most of our clients have tried to juggle their finances for a long period of time prior to calling us. The stress can be unbearable. Jay Weinberg will work with you to determine your options in eliminating or reorganizing your debt through the helpful provisions of the Bankruptcy Code. The Bankruptcy Code was created with the specific intent to help people who can no longer pay their debt, and are suffering as a result. Further, Bankruptcy Law recognizes that people mired down in past debt can’t purchase new essential products. Providing relief to individuals stimulates the economy. Bankruptcy Laws have existed for many years, in many countries, for that reason. Debt forgiveness is an essential part of an overall healthy economy.

Importantly, often homeowners can keep their home in Bankruptcy proceedings. There are situations where that may not be the case, but it is a serious misconception to believe filing for Bankruptcy means losing your home. In fact, the Bankruptcy Code provides the opportunity to financially restructure certain debt in a way that may be the only or best option to keep your home.

The Bankruptcy Code is Federal Law. The United States Bankruptcy Court in New Jersey has locations in Camden, Trenton, and Newark. Depending on your home address, relief sought under United States Bankruptcy Code will be filed in one of those Courts. In most Cases you need to attend only one Bankruptcy related hearing, and it is usually not in a Courtroom.

There are many benefits under the Federal Bankruptcy Law afforded to individuals in debt that are not available in the State Courts. Our Law Firm is aware of those benefits and can help you determine whether your best course of action is to seek relief in a Federal Bankruptcy proceeding. bankruptcy relief should never be thought of as a last resort. In fact, often it is the best solution.

Information provided on this website will help you understand the provisions of the Federal Bankruptcy Code. They are complex, but the key point we wish to convey to you is that there are often Federal Bankruptcy Law options for debt relief that can solve long term, seemingly overwhelming financial and emotional problems. Mr. Weinberg will be able to advise you of such benefits.

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