Motor Vehicle Offenses

If your case involves a DWI, please see our DWI section in this website.

Motor vehicle offenses can result in points, fines and penalties. We have vast experience successfully defending motor vehicle charges in Courts throughout New Jersey. The Prosecutor for the State of New Jersey in each Court is required to present evidence and witnesses to prove the State’s case. The Prosecutor does not want to conduct trials in every case. While we can, and will, go to trial as the need is required, our experience and knowledge will serve your interests in preparing for trial while obtaining the most favorable plea bargain offer possible under the circumstances.

There are numerous types of offenses where it is simply not worth the cost of hiring a lawyer. This can change depending on your driving history and circumstances. Often times Mr. Weinberg has advised individuals that it is not critical to hire a lawyer. Some have thanked him for his honest opinion, placing his integrity ahead of his marketing, but others have hired him based on their lack of familiarity with Court proceedings, their personal stress levels, or other subjective factors.

Either way, know that there are many consequences to guilty pleas. We will protect your interests in the course of resolving the charges against you.