New Jersey Municipal Court System

Most DWI cases are heard in one of New Jersey’s Municipal Courts.

Municipal Courts in New Jersey handle motor vehicle, disorderly persons, building code violations and other types of violations. Most DWI Cases will be handled in the Municipal Court where the offense was alleged to have occurred. Municipal Courts should be distinguished from the Superior Court of New Jersey, which is located in each County, and handles Civil, Criminal and Family Law issues. Appeals from a Municipal Court are heard in the Superior Court. In the Criminal context, the County Prosecutor must allow the Case to remain in the Municipal Court in the town where the offense was committed. College Police, Town Police and State Trooper cases are often prosecuted in the Municipal Court where the offense occurred.

Jay Weinberg has considerable experience defending and prosecuting cases in Municipal Courts throughout the State. You are presumed innocent of all charges filed against you and the State has the burden of proving each element of every charge beyond a reasonable doubt or that presumption will not shift away from you; you are innocent. We have obtained resolutions over and over again that our clients are very satisfied with.

Municipal Court charges should not be taken lightly. Motor Vehicle points can result in loss of driving privileges and higher insurance rates, and Municipal Court matters can, and do, result in incarceration. Some guilty pleas require mandatory jail terms. Our Law Office is equipped to help you. We take pride in helping our clients through difficult legal situations.