A Personal Statement to You

I have video on this website explaining my approach to a DWI case, where you can see who I am and basically how I present myself.

Some experiences are life changing, to varying degrees. I understand that you are under a tremendous amount of pressure, having been charged with driving while intoxicated. Whatever your age, gender, race or employment, the charge carries significant trauma. Suddenly your life has changed. The charge may cause pressure with family and employment problems. You find yourself looking at DWI web sites, and New Jersey Motor vehicle sites, and perusing the possible penalties, all in the span of a few days. It’s confusing and it’s unsettling. The laws are strict, it is intimidating, and it seems the odds and the law are stacked against you.

I understand this is a difficult time for you. I have clients who feel they are completely innocent of the charge, and upset with the conduct of police who deprived them of their liberty and subjected them to road side tests. I have had clients explain deep feelings of regret, guilt or embarrassment. Others are angry they got caught, or angry with themselves. I have had clients who recognized this was an indication of a drinking problem (of course, the event itself is a drinking problem for everyone charged with driving under the influence of alcohol) while others are shocked they just had a few drinks at a business function, dinner out with the spouse or at a family gathering. Some are surprised that driving under the influence of a prescription drug resulted in DWI charges. Marijuana often results in DWI charges, even when found in urine weeks after usage. All are concerned with the penalties and loss of driving privileges.

These are difficult and sensitive topics. As your attorney, I will take the time to go through everything with you in an organized fashion, so you know where you stand and what your legal charges entail. We will sit together and go through the chronology of events leading up to the arrest. I believe helping you understand exactly what you are up against helps you deal emotionally with the trauma of this event, while also helping the defense of your case. You have a better understanding of what I need from you, and a sense of clarity as to your situation.

I believe firmly in our Criminal Justice system. I have experience defending cases, but I also have significant experience prosecuting cases, having served as private prosecutor for business entities in many hundreds of cases. Our system of law requires the State prove every element of a criminal charge beyond a reasonable doubt.  Prosecutors must maintain the highest ethical standards, and must exemplify professionalism (usually, I believe, they do) as they have a significant responsibility to punish wrong-doing but must recognize when the burden of proof has not been met. While the State has a significant burden in proving criminal cases, DWI cases involve police officers specifically trained in DWI protocol and computerized breathing devices designed to read your breath alcohol level. This puts you in a difficult position.

However, if the police can “call it as they see it,” we risk a police state, a criminal experience where the accused does not have the power, or the law, to defend themselves. While our system is not perfect, it works.  We don’t exploit the law, we require compliance with it, and we require the State meet its burden of proving every element of an offense beyond a reasonable doubt. We review everything, we require the State to provide us with all the evidence to be used against you, and we present any problems with the evidence to the appropriate prosecutor.  We intelligently and calmly discuss your options with you prior to trial or resolution.

I maintain a powerful sense of obligation to you – I ensure you have the full benefit of the presumption of innocence. I review every facet of every case. You deserve no less then a thorough, competent, state of the art defense. I do that for you. Please call me to discuss your case.