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Photo of Jay Weinberg

Jay Weinberg graduated from The College of New Jersey in 1983. He obtained his law degree  from Rutgers Law School in 1989.

Mr. Weinberg has appeared in the United States Federal Courts located in Newark, Trenton and Camden, in New Jersey State Courts in almost every County in New Jersey, and in Municipal Courts throughout the State. He served as a private prosecutor for a number of corporations for ten years in seven municipal courts. Mr. Weinberg is counsel for the Asian American Law Enforcement Officer’s Association – NJ, and the Federal Air Marshals.

Mr. Weinberg’s approach to the law is very straight forward. He cares about his clients. He is accountable to them. He practices law with commitment to the client and to the legal profession. Clients deserve focused, accountable, knowledgeable representation. Mr. Weinberg strives to give each client the best possible representation and results. Mr. Weinberg maintains professional, respectful relationships with Judges and Prosecutors, having gained their respect by being well prepared in every case.

Jay Weinberg is married with two children. Outside of law, and his commitment to  his family and close friends, Jay enjoys reading, running, swimming, biking, hiking, skiing, chess and martial arts. He diligently studied kung fu in the 1980’s and has obtained the rank of black belt in two styles of Japanese Karate. He is currently a black belt and most involved with the difficult, extremely challenging martial art  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. That practice involves full contact matches where participants seek to “tap” each other out with chokes or joint locks. The practice is grueling, and forges a very real fighting spirit. It is an arduous path to obtain a black belt. There is no faking in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Your skill is revealed on the mat. The principles of martial arts carry over to his practice of law – utilizing hard work, leverage, preparation, opportunity, respect, patience and timing to achieve excellent results for his clients.