Marijuana and other Drug Offenses

Many drug offenses are remanded, or sent down by the NJ State Prosecutor’s office to the Municipal Court where the offense occurred. Most drug charges in Municipal Court carry sentence provisions that could include jail, loss of driving privileges, community service and fines and penalties.

When Jay Weinberg represents clients facing these charges, we explore every legal defense. The United States 4th Amendment laws against unreasonable or illegal search and seizures apply in these cases, and Mr. Weinberg has successfully obtained dismissals based on violations of such principles. Chain of custody, police procedures, proofs and evidence must all be reviewed to ascertain defenses. Mr. Weinberg has extensive, up to date knowledge New Jersey Constitutional and Criminal law. Further, his ability to work well with Prosecutors, Police and Judges is critical.

Mr. Weinberg has appeared in Municipal Courts in excess of a thousand times, and has represented individuals charged with drug offense throughout the State. He is completely experienced in all facets of the law and the way in which the Court system resolves such cases.

If you, or someone you know, has been charged with a drug offense, please call Jay Weinberg for a free consultation.