Real Estate Law

The Law Office of Jay A. Weinberg has extensive knowledge and years of experience in real estate law, both commercial and residential. Mr. Weinberg represents buyers and sellers of properties throughout New Jersey. He has excellent contract formation and review skills and spends considerable time reviewing documents carefully for the benefit of his clients. Mr. Weinberg has significant expertise working with mortgage companies, financial lenders, title companies and all agencies and entities involved in the often-complex process of closing a real estate transaction. His communication with the client is excellent, from maintaining contact through phone calls and e-mail to developed flow charts that assist clients in understanding the transaction.

Mr. Weinberg maintains communication with realtors throughout the transaction, from attorney review or formation of the contract to the closing table. We have a real estate coordinator and staff dedicated to service to our clients.

We provide knowledgeable, focused, attentive, hard working legal services. We care about our clients and we show it, every day, with every client.